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Two Surprises Collide


There are many reasons why people like to receive gifts and flowers regardless of the occasion. Every gift comes with a mystery, in a good way. A gift wrap is made as beautiful as it can be, but it does not actually relate to the actual items inside. It can be a new camera, a painting, clothes, or even a pair of spoon and fork, yet the wrapping does not tell you anything to even make a guess. Until you open the package, the mystery remains. It is difficult to explain why people like surprises and flowers, so we will try to look at the science behind it.


Based on a new study conducted at Emory University and Baylor College of Medicine, apparently the brain’s pleasure centers are more active or “turned on” when we experience unexpected pleasant things, compared to expected pleasant things. We probably expect gifts, but the fact that we don’t know what the gifts will be is something that excites us. The brain finds that unexpected pleasure is more rewarding, and it has little to do with what we actually like. In general, surprises are more stimulating.


Moving to flowers, some people think that it is pointless to spend money on them and use them as gifts because they eventually die anyway. A gift should be long-lasting; it should be something to remember people by. Fortunately, the same thing cannot be said to flowers. Flowers eventually die, and that is one of many reasons why people like flowers. It is not eternal, but exciting. As a reward or gift during special occasions, flowers bring the sense that the givers do not really care if it is a waste of money, but they care enough to make the recipient smile. In a study published in journal Evolutionary Psychology, flowers are powerful positive emotion inducer. They bring not only smile, but also positive mood and improved memory.


What if you combined flowers and surprises in a single package? One thing for sure, the excitement is doubled. Take a look at the picture on the right; wrapped in a single box are flowers and macaroons. 


As simple as it may seem, the box contains two different surprises that collide into colorful packaging, great for all occasions. You can give it to your man, woman, kids, friend, brother, sister, boss, mom, dad, and even strangers. It is appropriate for all occasions.